Positive Hope

Like Science Fiction only Science Fact the Covid-19 Pandemic has turned our world upside down.

For me personally, it meant shutting down my business first voluntarily and then a mandatory shutdown for a longer period of time by directive of the Governor.

It has not been easy. It is a weird kind of stress of which I have not been able to define. It is not the most stressful period of my life; not even by a long shot. I have little control beyond contacting creditors for forbearance on loans and waiting for the situation to develop.

It’s created stress in our household. My wife and I both trying to develop a routine, but knowing we could sleep all day if we wanted to and nobody would complain.

I began taking photos and posting them to Instagram and Facebook. I entitled them Positive Hope with the hashtags #positivity and #hope. It helps me find a bright spot on some tough days. Maybe it will offer positive hope to others as well.

There will be a photo each day but I’ll also write as well. The narrative will come from what I feel, how I move through time, how I process. I’ll refrain from political views or how all of this is being managed. I’ll do my best to observe and avoid judgement as best as I can.

Hang in there world. We’ll get through this, but not without adjustments, pain and grief.

A favorite view from the Colorado Trail a few years ago

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