Of Frozen Fall, Raven and Moss – 2017.01.23

Of Frozen Fall, Raven and Moss Monday 23 January 2017 Elk Falls, Staunton State Park, Park County, Colorado Time 1035 Elevation - 8600’ Calm, silver grey skies, 36℉ Distance one way  from car - 5.5 miles/ 2 hour 15 minute hike This is my first time coming to Elk Falls. I’ve hiked many of the … Continue reading Of Frozen Fall, Raven and Moss – 2017.01.23

Winter’s Solace – 2017.01.16

Winter's Solace Monday 16 January 2017 Jefferson County, Colorado Time 1603 Elevation - 5955’ Calm, overcast, four inches of snow from morning, 36℉ My goal is to sit on a ridge for the last hour of daylight. That changes when the trail I need to take to get there is closed due to muddy conditions. … Continue reading Winter’s Solace – 2017.01.16

Finding Flags – 2017.01.08

Finding Flags - 2017.01.08 Sunday 08 January 2017 Inner Harbor, Baltimore County, Maryland Time 1353 Elevation - Sea Level Strong northwest winds, clear skies, 23℉ Not wanting to be overwhelmed by the music and people I walk out to a pier where the USS Constellation is moored. I am at Inner Harbor, or more technically, … Continue reading Finding Flags – 2017.01.08

New Year’s Sunrise – 2017.01.01

New Year's Sunrise Sunday 01 January 2017 Walker Ranch, Boulder County, Colorado Time 0638 Elevation 7291’ Strong west winds, 32℉ It is 16 degrees when I leave the house. I am hoping for warmer temperatures even though I will be 2,000’ higher at my destination. Gratefully, it is twice as warm at the parking lot, … Continue reading New Year’s Sunrise – 2017.01.01