Backcountry Archery Hunt – Day 1 Scout

I grew up hunting. It was hunting with my father and his friends that sparked my interest and current love for nature, outdoors and the mountains. I feel the experience of learning to hunt is one that creates conservationists out of hunters. As such, I feel it valuable and educational to share about what goes into a hunt and what one is exposed to through that experience. I hope this and future stories help to bridge the gap between hunters and non-hunters.

Bald Mountain 2017.08.11

Friday, 11 August 2017 Bald Mountain, Boulder County, Colorado Time 1017 Elevation - 9,031’ Warm, sunshine, clouds, and inversion below After a long hiatus from sitting still for an hour, I am back. Spring came, the world outside came alive and I needed to be moving. I’ve spent much of my time this summer on … Continue reading Bald Mountain 2017.08.11